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Datamax Oneil - Impressoras Portáteis


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RL 4

Impressora Térmica de Etiquetas de 4"

Rugged, Reliable, WMS-Compatible.

Datamax-O’Neil built its reputation on rugged and reliable portable receipt printers and has now used this expertise to design the industry’s most rugged portable label printer. The RL4 is a durable 4-inch (102mm) direct thermal printer with a rugged design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed. We’re so confident in the quality and long term reliability of these printers that we include a 2-year warranty free of change. That’s double what the competition offers.

Anybody who’s ever been in a warehouse knows that when shipments are processed more quickly and effectively, productivity is increased and errors are reduced. The RL4 improves efficiency and productivity by allowing workers to print and apply barcode labels directly at the point of application. Using an RL4 to print on-demand labels also eliminates the danger of mixing up batch printed labels and saving thousands of dollars in potential shipping errors. The printer can even be mounted on fork trucks for added convenience and versatility.

We’ve made integration easy. Replace existing printers using Datamax-O’Neil’s language emulations. The RL4 is compatible with most popular warehouse management software programs, independent label design programs and remote management packages.


Specifications at-a-glance:


  • 4” [102 mm] direct thermal printer
  • 4.125” [105 mm] maximum print width
  • 2.00” - 4.12” [51 mm - 105 mm] media roll width
  • Optional Bluetooth or 802.11b/g/a connectivity

Get the Most for Your Investment

The RL4has many outstanding features that offer equally outstanding benefits. Below is a brief list of the features and benefits you will experience using the RL4printer.

  • Rugged and Reliable - With uncompromising standards, the RL4 endures even the most punishing environments, and passes the MIL-STD 810F drop testing requirements. The RL4 is so rugged it continues to print after 26 consecutive drops to concrete from 6ft (1.8m) even when tested at extreme temperature conditions.
  • Complete Line of Accessories - The versatile RL4 comes with a wide selection of charging and mounting accessories that allow it to be worn on the hip, mounted in a truck or even mounted and powered from a forklift operating system.
  • Easy to Integrate - The RL4 comes with popular language emulations that allow you to easily replace existing printers in the workplace. The printer is also compatible with most popular WMS packages and offers optional wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Great Battery Power – The long lasting lithium-ion battery offers maximum power capacity for a full 8-hour shift, even under the toughest conditions.
  • Easy to Use – Nobody likes to change the paper roll, but we’ve made it so easy you can do it with one hand. We’ve also included an easy to read LCD screen with simple user interface buttons and a peel-and-present mechanism for quicker label application.
  • Complete Line of Media & Supplies – Our Certified Label Supply Program ensures optimum, trouble-free performance from the RL4 and guarantees the highest quality print output and image stability.
  • Two Year Warranty – Comes with the industry’s only two-year standard warranty – twice that of the competition

   Data Sheet

 OC 3

Impressora Térmica de Etiquetas de 3"

Compact, Ergonomic, Reliable

The OC3 Label is a streamlined, light weight, and ergonomic thermal portable printer model with a variable width setting that allows printing on label media from 1 to 3 inches wide.  It has been designed to meet the continually expanding requirements associated with retail, healthcare and transportation applications.

The advanced features, standard with any OC printer, offer extreme adaptability to meet the unique and industry-specific portable printing requirements demanded in today’s evolving mobile business environment. Simple charging solutions and drop-in media loading allow entry level associates to use the printer with no downtime.  The OC3 Label is compatible with a wide selection of media, including labels, hang tags, and shelf tags.  For wireless communication, the OC3 can be purchased with 802.11b/g or Bluetooth connectivity and offers a broad range of security and encryption protocols that are compatible with today’s high-tech security requirements.

Specifications at-a-glance:

  • 3” direct thermal printer
  • 2.84” [72.1mm] print width
  • variable 1.0”- 3.0” [25.4 mm - 76.2 mm] media roll width
  • Optional Bluetooth or 802.11 b/g connectivity

Get the Most for Your Investment


The OC3 has many outstanding features that offer equally outstanding benefits. Below is a brief list of the features and benefits you will experience using the OC3 printer.

  • Compact Design – Streamlined and compact design
  • Exclusive Features – Advanced 32-bit architecture RISC processor for light-speed processing
  • Many Options to fit your specific needs – LED lights indicate Bluetooth, charging and power status, and an external DC jack allows for easy charging. Optional Bluetooth or 802.11b/g connectivity
  • Handheld Compatibility – Supports a wide variety of hand-held computers from leading manufacturers
  • Optional Swipe-Style Card Reader – Allows processing of payments in the field
  • Graphics – Supports the printing of graphics, 1D bar codes, 2D symbologies, and signature capture
  • Endurance – Intelligent power management and programmable sleep mode for extended battery life
  • Battery – Unlike competitors’ printers, the battery is included in the purchase price. And when it’s time to replace the battery, the OC printers use economical replacement batteries
  • Charging Options – External charge contacts, AC adapter, or 12V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter

Data Sheet


Impressora Térmica 4"

Rápida, leve e económica

A Apex 4 é uma impressora leve e compacta de 4 " que imprime recibos, prova de ingresso, entrega ou fatura de até 4.37" a um preço acessível para manter dentro dos orçamentos apertados de hoje. A Apex 4 é uma alternativa económica para os produtos pesados que podem ser "over the top" para as suas necessidades sem comprometer a qualidade e durabilidade. Resistente o suficiente para lidar com os solavancos e quedas esperadas durante as deslocações longas e agitadas, a Apex 4 também é leve o suficiente para usar confortavelmente durante todo o dia de trabalho. Com recursos simples de usar e duradoura bateria de alta capacidade de Ião de lítio, a Apex 4 tem todas as características e funções necessárias para atender aos requisitos de expansão de retalho, hospitalidade, o aluguer de automóveis, policiais e de serviço de campo e vendas.
A Apex vem com 4 USB e comunicação sem fio Bluetooth V2.0. 802.11bg para conexão local sem fio (WLAN) está disponível como uma opção no lugar de Bluetooth. Um poderoso processador ARM-7 de 32 bits permite impressão rápida de recibos de alta qualidade e ampla flash e de memória SRAM que está sob controle direto do utilizador permite o armazenamento de logotipos, fontes, gráficos e códigos de barras para adaptar rapidamente às necessidades empresariais em constante mudança.


Specifications at-a-glance:


  • 4” direct thermal printer
  • 4.1” [104 mm] print width
  • 4.37” [111 mm] media roll width
  • Optional 802.11 b/g connectivity (in lieu of Bluetooth) 

asd Data Sheet



Fast, Light, Economical


The Apex 3 offers a solution to the demand for an affordable, light weight and compact three-inch receipt printer without compromising on quality and reliability.   The Apex 3 prints a receipt of up to 3.149” wide and has the key features and functions required to meet the expanding requirements associated with retail, hospitality, law enforcement, car rental and field service applications.

The Apex 3 comes standard with Bluetooth V2.0 communication for wireless personal area networking (WPAN).  802.11b/g for wireless local area connection (WLAN) is available as an option in place of Bluetooth.   An optional 3-track magnetic card reader allow for easy credit card payments.   A powerful Arm-7, 32-bit processor allows for fast printing, high quality receipts and ample flash and SRAM memory that is under direct user control allows the user to store logos, fonts, graphics and barcodes for fast adaptability to changing business requirements.

Lightweight and small enough to carry through a complete shift, the Apex 3 can be worn on a belt strap or optional belt strap without feeling cumbersome.   Easy to use with its simple paper loading system and high capacity battery that lasts through a 12 hour shift, the Apex 3 will keep up with the mobile worker during a busy shift while keeping your costs at bay.

Specifications at-a-glance:


  • 3” direct thermal printer
  • 2.83” [72 mm] print width
  • 3.149” [80 mm] media roll width
  • Optional 802.11 b/g connectivity (in lieu of Bluetooth)




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Fast, Light, Economical

 The Apex 2 is designed especially for those transaction applications where small size, fast printing and dependability while staying in budget are vital.   The 7-Arm, 32 bit processor keeps pace with the printers that cost almost twice as much without compromising on features and functions.   Delivering the key features and communication methods, the Apex 2 has the flexibility to meet the unique, industry-specific receipt printing and ease of use required to keep up with the mobile worker’s long and demanding shift.

With Bluetooth as a standard communication method and optional 802.11b/g (in lieu of Bluetooth), the Apex 2 produces a receipt of 2.244" wide that presents your logo or text on a crisp, clean receipt whether the user needs wireless local area networking (WLAN) or wireless personal area networking (WPAN).   An optional 3-track magnetic card reader allow for easy credit card payments.   Generous flash and SRAM memory that are under direct user control allow the user to store logos, fonts, graphics and barcodes for fast adaptability to changing business requirements.

Specifications at-a-glance:

  • 2” direct thermal printer
  • 1.89” [48 mm] print width
  • 2.244” [57 mm] media roll width
  • Optional 802.11 b/g connectivity (in lieu of Bluetooth)
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